Commercial and Marketing

Communication techniques 3 X X
Managing conflict situations 3 X X
Marketing and sales intelligence through information and communication technologies 3 X X
From the marketing plan to the commercial action plan: define and manage the pack with marketing orientations 3 X X
International contracts: negotiating and drafting clauses efficiently and controlling legal risks 3 X X
Dashboard for sales and marketing managers 3 X X
Customer survey techniques 3 X X
Improvement of sales techniques 3 X X
Effective management of the sales force 3 X X
Customer loyalty techniques 3 X X
The challenges of commercial communication 3 X X
Conduct a quality approach 3 X X
Strategic distribution and marketing 3 X X
Management of customer relations and complaints 3 X X
Marketing source of information and creator of value 3 X X
Quality and commercial management standards 3 X X
Manage the commercial activity and the performance of the company's sales force 3 X X
Reinvent its approach to the commercial organization process 3 X X
Strategic marketing mix and planning watch 3 X X
The phases and techniques of banking and insurance sales and commercial negotiations 3 X X
Behavior, strategies and methodology of commercial negotiation for banks and insurance companies 3 X X
Management of private and professional customers for banks and insurance companies 3 X X
The management of a banking and insurance agency 3 X X
The position of banking and insurance account manager 3 X X