As long as the project is still at the level of intention, idea, design or operational, we can always offer our know-how and our relational capital to provide advice and support to our clients in order to effectively contribute to the success of their business Our services revolve around six axes:

Support in prospecting for opportunities

We offer our clients to support them in the search for business opportunities throughout the Tunisian territory and in all fields (real estate, agriculture, energy, tourism, transport ...) We provide advice by prospecting for opportunities in strategic sectors or in a high potential for profitability.

Design support

We contribute in the technical design of projects: -Identification of the technical variants (technology-location-human resources ...) -The Choice of variants and the sizing of the project -Contribution in the market study and in the definition of the main lines of the commercial policy

Assistance in the analysis and evaluation of projects

We also propose an approach for the development of the project business plan according based on scenarios including the defined with the promoter. We also advise on the opportunities offered by Tunisian legislation in matters of investment encouragement. We advise companies and project promoters on all tax matters. We contribute in the negotiations with the banks to obtain the best conditions of funding.

Assistance in the implementation of the project

We provide support for the completion of all the administrative formalities necessary for the project implementation We provide advice for any land transaction (acquisition and or rental of land or building) We monitor the implementation of projects in terms of meeting deadlines and budgets

Support the management of change

We support the accomplishment of all stages of change management from the diagnosis to the anchoring of new approaches in the corporate culture

Assistance in corporate restructuring

We bring our know-how in the restructuring of companies going through difficulties or even those which simply wish to improve their performances: -Financial, commercial and technical diagnosis. -Financial evaluation -Development of restructuring plan

Potential Clientele

Any local or foreign company Any Tunisian or foreign investor

Targeting partners and opportunities

to make representations to certain foreign banks, particularly those encouraging PPP and the revival of investment in Tunisia, with a view to take part of our activity of consulting. Evaluate the usefulness of making contact with certain ministerial departments to prospect for opportunities of possible collaboration with their administration. Participate in events organized by economic missions or by mixed chambers, or by TABC-Business France organizations ...) Connect up the main clients or foreign partners of the office