Energy efficiency goals

We work on issues of production, transport and distribution of electricity in the tertiary and industrial sectors. Our sectoral and project approach gives us the ability to develop an adequate, profitable and optimal Energy .

Our Activities in Energy Efficiency

Identify, measure and evaluate energy consumption within the framework of the specificities and regulations in force.

Identify Energy Efficiency actions

Identification of weak points in the installation's energy system.

Make an investment forecast and a schedule of EE actions.

Study of the profitability of actions to be proposed to save energy.

Feasibility studies and design of Energy Efficiency projects.

Consulting in energy efficiency.

Analysis of energy purchase (and sale) contracts.

Preparation of energy balances for the plant.

Description of the current energy profile

Preparation of the preliminary audit report .

Develop an energy savings program based on an overall analysis of the building.

Quantify the costs, the savings made, and the time to return on investment for each of the improvement recommendations.

Assessment of energy balances current and the energy performance of the installation.