CIPEM Engineering engaged in maintenance

Our maintenance engineering services enable CIPEM
to meet the needs specific of his clients and help us develop and improve the management of their assets.
We offer technical solutions to reduce costs and increase the availability of equipment,
by providing the highest standards in terms of reliability and productivity for maintenance systems.

  • Modular maintenance engineering services
  • Maintenance planning
  • Strategic maintenance planning
  • Maintenance consulting services

Industrial and Tertiary Maintenance Engineering

We assist our customers in the definition of maintenance policies tailored and realistic.
For this purpose, we rely on the MBF methodology (Maintenance based on reliability or RCM) and work in a continuous improvement methodology in accordance with the standards ISO 9000 (V2000), ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.
Our constant technological watch allows us to offer our partners the latest technologies suitable for maintenance (mobile solutions, RFID tags, inspections at distances possibly with unmanned vehicles ...)

Maintenance organization

  • Audit of your Maintenance organization and / or HSE .

  • Help in defining and describing your Maintenance processes and HSE.

  • Assistance in setting up or optimizing any system G.M.A.O. & related tools.

Assistance in maintenance methods

  • Criticality studies, A.M.D.E.C. & M.B.F. to define your plans maintenance and optimize your maintenance logistics.

  • Reverse engineering: 3D scan of your untraceable parts and remanufacturing in traditional or additive technique.

Preparation and monitoring of construction sites, acceptance of equipment and performance

  • Preparation and monitoring of your installation shutdowns.

  • Optimization of the ramp-up of your new installations.

  • Action plans to increase the availability of your equipment.

Subcontracting and Outsourcing

  • Do or have someone do?

  • Help with setting up structures, indicators and contracts.

Staff training for production or maintenance

  • Production Maintenance (Levels 1 & 2).

  • Engineering and Maintenance Methods.

  • Support for new managers taking office maintenance.

  • MaXer problem solving method.

"New Works" Engineering

  • Feasibility, profitability and financing analysis of everything investment.

  • Drafting of specifications and supplier consultations.

  • Integration of Reliability and Maintainability from the design.