2018 finance law 3 X X
New features of the 2015 finance law and update of the tax file (1st session) 3 X X
The TFP: fiscal aspects, the advance, the drawing rights and the educational and financial reports 3 X X
In-depth taxation IRPP-IS-VAT-DC-Other taxes and duties 3 X X
New developments in the 2016 finance law and update of the tax file (2nd session) 3 X X
The tax advantages provided for by the new investment code 3 X X
Social security deductions and tax deductions at source: Salaries and wages 3 X X
The determination of the tax result and the calculation of corporate taxes: difficulties and practical solutions 3 X X
Life insurance: regulatory, technical and fiscal frameworks 3 X X
Tax control and audits: procedures and practical aspects 3 X X
Improvement in salary and payroll taxation: Technical aspects and practical difficulties 3 X X
Withholding taxes on payments to residents and non-residents 3 X X
VAT: scope, base rules, deductions, suspensive arrangements, withholding taxes and refunds of VAT credits 3 X X
The manual of tax procedures: its development and implementation 3 X X
Taxation of insurance companies 3 X X
Tax audit: controlling tax regularity and efficiency 3 X X
Local taxation: TCL, taxes on built and non-built buildings, etc. 3 X X
Changes in share capital: regulatory, tax and accounting aspects 3 X X
Better know the taxes on capital gains on movable and real estate in Tunisian tax law 3 X X
Tax control and litigation 3 X X
Registration and stamp duties 3 X X