Build and analyze the cash flow statement: difficulties and internal and external operations 3 X X
Prevention of unpaid debts and debt collection 3 X X
Currency cash management 3 X X
The techniques of valuation and financial analysis of companies 3 X X
The management of cash registers and the development of cashiers and treasurers 3 X X
Means of international payments and international bank guarantees 3 X X
New exchange risk management techniques: Term hedging and exchange option 3 X X
Practical cash and investment management and mastery of banking negotiation 3 X X
Money market products, treasury bills and bond techniques 3 X X
The financial manager's dashboard 3 X X
Islamic Banks: operation and financing 3 X X
Economic and financial analysis of a project 3 X X
Financial analysis for non-financials 3 X X
Build the business plan of a project or a company 3 X X
Diagnosis and financial analysis of the company 3 X X
Construction and analysis of the cash flow statement 3 X X
Medium letters of credit for international payments 3 X X
Financial analyzes for non-financial executives 3 X X
Development and updating of cashier skills and handling of funds 3 X X
Exploitation and interpretation of financial ratios 3 X X
Dynamic analysis using the cash flow statement and the cash flow statement 3 X X