Prevention of industrial risks 3 X X
Build your occupational health management system according to OHSAS 18001 (NT31-116) 3 X X
Prevention and security tools 3 X X
Environmental protection in the operation of refining, petrochemical and chemical units 3 X X
Corrosion kinetics and protection methods 3 X X
Analysis, control and treatment of residual water and industrial discharges 3 X X
Industrial hygiene, working conditions and safety 3 X X
Organization and management of a security service 3 X X
Safety in laboratories 3 X X
Safety measures in storage areas 3 X X
Detection of risky situations and analysis of a work accident 3 X X
Environmental diagnosis 3 X X
Build the security dashboard 3 X X
Environmental audit 3 X X
Control your environmental risks 3 X X
Civil, criminal and administrative responsibilities related to the environment 3 X X
Effectively manage your hazardous industrial waste 3 X X
Training of security managers 3 X X
Identification and evaluation of environmental aspects and impacts 3 X X
Hazard identification and OSH risk assessment 3 X X