Forecast management of jobs and skills 3 X X
Practical development of the social report 3 X X
Technics for recruiting and evaluating candidates 3 X X
Planning and steering engineers for training projects: approach and practical tools 3 X X
Development and use of the HR dashboard 3 X X
The practice of collective bargaining within the company 3 X X
How to develop your human resources succession plan 3 X X
Training plan evaluation and monitoring process 3 X X
Develop the quality of service of the HR function and skills management (tools and methods) 3 X X
Tools, technics, and methods to contribute to the development of your human capital? 3 X X
Give a strategic scope to training in your company 3 X X
Implement an effective change strategy 3 X X
Communication and skills development 3 X X
Implement an effective change strategy 3 X X
Management style and social responsibility 3 X X
Career management: typology of practices, difficulties and solutions 3 X X
The practical management of pension files and the trends of the new reform 3 X X
How to prepare the provisional budget for personnel costs 3 X X
The performance indicators of the human resources function 3 X X
Communication technics in the company 3 X X
How to succeed in negotiations and internal communications 3 X X
Training engineering, From needs analysis to monitoring actions 3 X X
Methodology and practice of developing job descriptions and job descriptions 3 X X
Assistant Executive Secretary 3 X X
The technics for drafting management reports and minutes of meetings of the Boards of Directors, SPCM committees and ordinary and extraordinary General Assemblies 3 X X