Alignment of rotating machines 3 X X
Assembly Disassembly of Bearing (Terrain) 3 X X
Welding for Polyvalent mechanics on post 3 X X
Mechanical maintenance of the furnace 3 X X
Maintenance of pneumatic and hydraulic equipment 3 X X
Vibration Analysis 3 X X
Diagnosis and Repair of Hydraulic and Pneumatic circuits 3 X X
Repair and Welding Loading 3 X X
Preparation and visit techniques 3 X X
Efficient energy management 3 X X
Evaluation of calibration data 3 X X
Control of electrical and electronic waste 3 X X
Maintenance management system: types of maintenance, planning, calculation of the availability of rotating machines... 3 X X
Analysis of failure modes and criticalities of alternators for automatic generator sets 3 X X
Fan maintenance 3 X X
Oven maintenance 3 X X