Common questions?

What is the difference between Elesol and cos (phi) correction & does ELESOL affect cos (phi) correction?
  1. * The power factor correction battery must be connected in circuit, but not ELESOL.
  2. * The power factor correction battery consumes energy but ELESOL does not.
  3. * ELESOL can improve the power factor and does not degrade it.
  4. * ELESOL can protect compensation batteries against resonance.
Does ELESOL work immediately after installation or does it need time?
  • Although the effect itself begins immediately, the effect of saving electricity cannot be perceived by daily accumulation; it will therefore take some time to confirm it in numbers.
  • "The bill at the end of the month is the best proof so far."

  • Up to which voltage and current values can ELESOL be used?
  • Basically there is no limit.
    1. ELESOL is used up to 5.5KV without problems.
    2. ELESOL can be effective up to 800 AMP (for higher currents it is preferable to apply more according to the amperage).
    Are there energy efficient products on the market, such as ELESOL?
  • There are products like LEDs, electronic circuit breakers, new power companies, demand controllers, geothermal and heat utilization systems. However, these products incur time and high costs in capital expenditure. ELESOL is a product that can deliver it at a lower cost.

  • How long can I use the ELESOL plate?
  • The ELESOL plate can be used indefinitely. Indeed, it does not use any equipment or electrical machines.
  • How much can I reduce?
  • You can expect a reduction effect of 10% on average.

  • I use LEDs on my property, can I expect an additional reduction?
  • Yes, LED users, companies that have changed their lamps to LEDs and even used other energy saving systems can still expect a reduction.
  • Will the ELESOL plate affect my electrical equipment?
  • The ELESOL plate does not affect the electricity in a negative way at all and therefore will not damage the circuit breaker or other machines.

  • Can I confirm if there has been a decrease in electricity consumption?
  • Shortly after installing the ELESOL plate (2 to 4 days), you can compare and check the results against previous months and years of consumption.
  • How to configure the ELESOL plate?
  • Our professional staff will install it for you or your in-house electrician can be instructed by our staff on how to install the ELESOL plate.

  • Does ELESOL plate affect blood pressure?
  • There is no impact on the voltage or the electrical circuit.


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